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Last Dance 2

2012-06-19 12:47:39 by Shroom-Cushion

Right, so Last Dance 2 is out:

I'll be putting the series away for a bit, until I advance in... everything. Right now I want to try either a story driven platformer or a point and click adventure game, not sure which one to do.

Last Dance (Part 2)

2012-05-27 15:41:26 by Shroom-Cushion

Not sure if anyone is interested, but I'll say it anyway.

I'll start on the second part of Last Dance on... June 10. That is around the time I get my PC back, so I won't have to deal with an old laptopt, without a mouse and all this lag.

'till then I'll just write the whole story and choice system in a notebook, so I'd have more time to improve my art by the time I get to putting the whole thing on flash.


EDIT: My PC retrieval date has been pushed back, so the me starting on Last Dance 2 has been pushed forward. Hooray.