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Entry #2

Last Dance 2

2012-06-19 12:47:39 by Shroom-Cushion

Right, so Last Dance 2 is out:

I'll be putting the series away for a bit, until I advance in... everything. Right now I want to try either a story driven platformer or a point and click adventure game, not sure which one to do.


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2012-06-20 14:43:47

Another point and click adventure, you are awesome at them :)

Shroom-Cushion responds:

Adventures can wait! They always do.


2013-01-06 02:30:01

You sure? I don't think you need to advance in everything, imo the Last Dance game you made was awesome, the choice and adventure game, the violence of some sort, it's friggen awesome on its own. The only advancement you need is to add more detail to your drawings. Oh and add some animations too like say "A wild floating head appears" and it shows a head floating.

Other than that, maybe you should try a driven platformer game.